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Get to Know Our Machine Finance Team

Our staff is committed to providing you with the best service in the industry. At MFS, we want you to get to know us. The MFS business philosophy is based on the understanding that a financing partnership is built not only on transactions but from the ability to entrust your business to a reputable partner.


Tom Miller - MFS Lease

Tom MIller


(513) 509-3861

Gabriel Velazquez

Gabriel Velazquez

VP of Sales and Marketing

(562) 234-8895

Jim Gahan - MFS Lease Regional Manager

Jim Gahan

Regional Manager

(630) 697-4592

Dennis Preston MFS Lease Regional Manager

Dennis Preston

Regional Manager

(404) 245-3235


Terry Alva

Assistant VP - Operations

(562) 949-4771, ext 2501

Hortensia Lopez-Nakano

Funding Administrator

(562) 949-4771, ext 1705

Janice Martinez

Documentation Analyst

(562) 949-4771, ext 2530

Nansi Medina

Funding Manager

(562) 949-4771, ext 2110

Patricia McMullen

Inside Sales Administrator

(526-949-4771, ext 1711

Kameshia Calvin

Administration Support Specialist

(562) 949-4771, ext 1709