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Manufacturers Financing Services - MFS Core Values
Core Values
Customer Service Values
We are patient, knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, empathetic, and we strive to provide solutions.
Integrity and Ethical Values
We choose to uphold a higher standard in every aspect of our business. To treat each other fairly as peers, and to be truthful, honest, principled, and ethical.
Teamwork Values
We choose to work together to achieve common goals through open communication, with a desire to seek solutions which address our customers' needs.
Work Environment Values
We choose to work in a positive environment that fosters mutual respect, acceptance, flexibility and fun!
Interpersonal Values
We have the ability to evolve in a constantly changing environment, and to be sensitive to the needs of people, regardless of cultural differences or personality traits.
Get to Know Us!
The MFS business philosophy is
based on the understanding that
a financing partnership is built not
only on transactions, but from the
ability to entrust your business to
a reputable partner.
Our staff is committed to providing you with the best service in the industry. At MFS, we want you to get to know us:
Darryl Schoen,
Gabriel Velazquez,
 Vice-President Sales and Marketing
James Gahan,
 Regional Manager
Dennis Preston,
 Regional Manager
Hardy Tran,
 Regional Manager - Canada
Terry Alva,
 Assistant Vice-President Operations
Janice Martinez,
 Sales Coordinator