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Financial Calculator

This calculator is provided for your convenience however,

All Lease Payments are approximate and do not include taxes, fees, shipping charges
or any other applicable charges.

Payments are calculated based on a rental factor that is associated with the loan/lease terms,
down payments or advanced payments.

Each transaction requires a one-time documentation fee.

All values are estimates and are subject to change.

Payment Calculator
Equipment Price: $
Purchase Option: 10% of Equipment Price
Monthly Payment:

Please call us at (562)949-4771 x-2530 if you would like any other
payment structures quoted, or if you would like a personal discussion
with one of our highly-trained financial services specialists.


Because of fluctuations in interest rates, MFS reserves the right to modify these
rates based on market conditions.

Lease rates are subject to change and based upon customer credit quality. The proposed lease
is subject to credit and documentation approval by Manufacturers Financing Services.

This pricing tool is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a commitment from
Manufacturers Financing Services to provide financing.